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Autumn dreadnought, my first acoustic guitar build

As I posted (in spanish) a few weeks ago, I’m alsmost done with one of the guitar building projects, whcih has required much more skill (so far). The results however are giving me encouragement to continue learning, building and growing in this world of instrument making (lutherie).

Autumn Dreadnought - my first acoustic build

Autumn Dreadnought – my first acoustic build

After building the Xantilectro (which I will be posting soon), doing some changes to various pick-ups on electric guitars of several friends, decorating and transforming an old Fender Jazz bass to a “fretless” 5 string and adapting a low budget type violin bass (like the Hofner used by legendary McCartney) to six strings as a baritone / Fender VI, I decided to move to a bigger challenge. I actually want to build a guitar “parlor”, a small-bodied acoustic, compact (my own portability obsession) in size, which would draw the end of the nineteenth century or those blues of the years 20s ‘n’ 30s.

While buying the materials and preparing the design, I read a lot about it, and there were parts like installing profiles, making the rosette or bending the wooden sides that simply escaped my knowledge. So I decided to add one more item in the shop to my shopping cart: an acoustic guitar kit that Madinter sells.

This type is for an steel acoustic guitar, a “Dreadnought” large body shape, quite popular and recognizable today. It would serve as the basis for learning, and  messing around on a guitar of lesser value (in more sense than money). That was the plan anyway… Over time however, I have done much more than assembling the kit, and it has become a guitar with personality, with details and parts of its own.

The result is a very inspired guitar model Gibson 60’s, the famous Hummingbird ®, but with some notable differences, not only aesthetic. Today I’ve just put the first string and has released its first notes. Still missing some settings but after 13 months, this baby has been ‘born’ :-)

Guitar Kit by Madinter

Guitar Kit by Madinter

Autumn - first strings

Autumn – first strings

Autumn - first chords

Autumn – first chords

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